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TCPtrack di Ubuntu Linux

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I got this tool from an article in ubuntugeek, here some brief description.

Basically, tcptrack is a sniffer which will show the information about TCP connections on a specific interface. tcptrack will watch all the connections that occur and show the information in a nice interface. Although it’s on a text user interface but it’s simple and easy to understand.

tcptrack provides some useful information for administrators to track every single connection to their servers. I use tcptrack to watch my proxy to make sure that every user gets an apropriate bandwidth, no one saturates the whole bandiwdth. It just gives me a way to watch the traffic. The information that tcptrack provides are:

  • source address and port
  • destination address and port
  • connection state
  • idle time
  • bandwidth usage

tcptrack also has a filtering feature, it uses the pcap filtering standard (it’s identic with the one used in tcpdump).

Installation is simple :

heric@brightpath:~$ sudo aptitude install tcptrack

And, just specify which interface do you want to track.

heric@brightpath:~$ sudo tcptrack -i eth0

Also we can specify which port,

heric@brightpath:~$ sudo tcptrack -i eth0 port 22

TCP track 22

Written by cahbojonegoro

August 8, 2007 at 7:33 am

Posted in Ubuntu

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